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Frozen Hatch Green Chile

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Our peeled, chopped, and frozen Hatch green chile is a great choice to use as an ingredient in your next dish, or as a substitution for regular dipping salsa! 

Purchase 10lbs or 20lbs (bundled in 5lb bags for ease of use). 

*This product requires a shipping selection of either UPS Next Day Air® or 2-Day Shipping at checkout to guarantee freshness upon arrival. Subscription orders will default to 2-Day Shipping, contact us to upgrade. 

**Quantity is limited each year based on the Hatch Chile Harvest. We offer a limited amount of Hatch Green Chile each year. Please consider the Subscribe & Save option to guarantee your chile shipment each year (we’ll grow extra to accommodate your order). Once we run out, you will have to wait until next year's harvest (August/September) to place an order. 

How to Subscribe and Save

It's easy! Choose to subscribe to Frozen Chile deliveries once per year and save 15% forever. Immediately after checkout we'll send you an email with a link to access a portal where you can manage your subscription easily, cancel anytime!

All Subscribe & Save customers are guaranteed to receive their Frozen Hatch Green Chile order for the following years harvest. They also receive the Chopped Chile Price Lock Guarantee - the price you pay today is locked in and won’t go up unless you stop or cancel your subscription. 

Please note, all subscription orders will default to a selection of UPS 2-Day Air Shipping. Please contact us to upgrade your order to UPS Next Day Air Shipping for an additional fee. Review our shipping policy here

Non-subscription customers will only be able to purchase based on availability after the Subscribe & Save customer's chile has been allocated and reserved. 

What else you'll get (our value stack)

We'll give you $100 of value completely FREE with your purchase:

  • The Chopped Chile Co. New Mexico Recipes eBook available for iimmediate download (simply add to your cart before checkout) a $35 value
  • A unique coupon code to save you $20 on your favorite New Mexico grocery items from Statewide Products
  • Your first month FREE of the Nuevo Food Box - New Mexico foods Subscription Box - a $45 value

How to know our chile is any good

We display ALL reviews (good and bad) from shoppers just like you to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Scroll down to see what other people are saying about Frozen Hatch Green Chile

How to know when my order will be shipped

We ship all frozen chile orders once per week, each Tuesday (if you miss it, you'll have to wait until next week!)

For example; if you place your Frozen Chile order today, it will ship this coming Tuesday by the end of the day.

You will get an email notifcation with tracking information by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at the latest.

Here's how your order will be packed

Frozen chile comes factory sealed from the Chopped Chile Factory in 5lb bags, with the heat level you ordered clearly marked on each bag. Your chile will arrive in an insulated box with commercial grade ice packs.

How to reach us if there's an issue with your order

We are here for you!

If there are any issues with your order our customer service department can be reached by filling out the "Contact Us" page on our website, or by emailing us at

All inquiries receive a response within 24 hours, guaranteed.

How to get a 100% money back refund if your chile doesn't arrive cold

If your frozen chile arrives warm to the touch we'll refund your entire order per our policies plus shipping, no questions asked.

How to know how long chile will last in the refrigerator after opening

This will vary depending on how cold the settings on your refrigerator are, but we use 2 weeks as a good rule of thumb.

How to know the best ways to use our Hatch Green Chile

An easy way to start enjoying chile is to simply use it as a dip for your favorite tortilla chip. It makes a savory topping for burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and even eggs!

It's also great to incorporate into recipes - we give away a $10 Recipe eBook ($30 dollar value) that you can add to your cart and immediately download after checkout.

How to know how hot our chile is

The age old question…. “how hot is your chile?”

The unfortunate answer is one size doesn’t fit all! Everybody has a different tolerance to heat, so what is extra hot to one person might be just plain hot to another… it varies!

We did our best to make our heat levels universally accepted and we think we did a pretty good job! Mild is mild, hot is hot, and so on. Feel free to experiment and move up or down heat levels to match your personal preference.

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