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Are you interested in stocking our Hatch Chile in your store or using it in your restaurant? We offer wholesale and bulk purchasing options tailored to your needs

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Personalized Service

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Ahhhhhhh !!


"It is so wonderful to have hatch green chiles, roasted and chopped shipped directly to me. I used to live in AZ, then moved to Delaware, canned chiles or canned chiles, ugh. Now in Oregon, not a whole lot better options...So happy with Chopped Chile Co's products and quick shipping, am a happy girl! Have already made several dinners with them and only got them just before Christmas. Enjoy people!

~ Lee N on Hatch Green Chile



"First, my order arrived a day before we expected. All jars intact and ready to be eaten! We ordered the medium to test the heat. It is a true medium. But what a flavor! I grew up on Hatch Green Chile and have truly missed it, not anymore! Thank you for a good product with a GREAT flavor!"

~ Connie G. on Hatch Green Chile

Never stop selling this!


"I love this chile. I use it all the time from topping savory french toast, on top of my eggs, as a condiment for sandwiches, okay just about everything! Love it"

~ Diane P. on Hatch Red Chile

Best green chile


"Hands down the best green chile we have ever found. Tons of flavor, no peels, thrilled to be able to get it in NC after moving here from Southern CO. Worth every penny!"

~ Emma L. on Hatch Green Chile

Excellent flavor and heat! 


"This has become a staple for me."

~ Phillip Z. on Hatch Green Chile