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Flame Roasted Hatch Red & Green Blend

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Medium or Hot?
Chopped Chile Co's Red & Green Chile Blend (also known as a 'Harvest Blend' or 'X-Mas' in New Mexico) is a modern twist on the classic New Mexican chile sauce that can be used as a topping on burritos, to make enchiladas and green chile stew, or enjoyed alone as a dip for your favorite chip! Get our recipe eBook for more recipe inspiration.

Jar size: 16oz

Flavor profile: Addictingly Tangy, savory, smokey, and slightly sweet that finishes with an intense kick. 

How do I know if I'll like it?

We display ALL reviews (good and bad) from shoppers just like you to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Scroll down to see what other people are saying about Flame Roasted Hatch Red & Green Blend.

How soon will my order be shipped?

InstaCart orders can be ready for delivery to your doorstep in 2 to 5 hours!

What is there's an issue with my order?

If there are any issues with your order our customer
service department can be reached by filling out the "Contact Us" page on our website, or by emailing us at

All inquiries receive a response within 24 hours, guaranteed.

How long is chile good in the refrigerator after opening?

This will vary depending on how cold the settings on your refrigerator are, but we use 2 weeks as a good rule of thumb.

How do I use your chile?

An easy way to start enjoying chile is to simply use it as a dip for your favorite tortilla chip. It makes a savory topping for burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and even eggs!

It's also great to incorporate into recipes - check out our Recipe Archive

How hot is your chile?

The age old question…. “how hot is your chile?”

The unfortunate answer is one size doesn’t fit all! Everybody has a different tolerance to heat, so what is extra hot to one person might be just plain hot to another… it varies!

We did our best to make our heat levels universally accepted and we think we did a pretty good job! Feel free to experiment and move up or down heat levels to match your personal preference.

What about gluten?

Yes! All of our chile products are gluten free. Here are the full list of ingredients for Flame Roasted Hatch Red & Green Blend:

- Hatch Chile, Salt, Garlic , & Lime Juice (yep... that's it!)

Is Chopped Chile Co in my local grocery store?

It just might be! Check the 'Salsa & Chile' aisle or the 'Local Products' section if you are in New Mexico.

Use our store locator to find a location near you.

If not, please fill out our Retailer Request form and submit it to your grocery store

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