Chopped chile co hatch green chile aïoli and french fries

Spice Up Your Meals with Homemade Hatch Green Chile Aioli: A Flavorful Twist for Every Dish!

Allow me to whisk you to the heart of the Hatch Valley, where vibrant flavors and bustling markets spark culinary inspiration. In this tale, I set out to create the perfect Green Chile Aioli, a recipe that elevates everyday dishes and pays homage to the rich tradition of Hatch Green Chiles.

Aïoli is a fancy sauce that comes from sunny spots like Spain and France. It's made by crushing garlic and mixing it with oil until it's smooth and creamy. Sometimes, it gets a little tangy kick from lemon or vinegar. People like to use aïoli as a dip for seafood or crispy fries. They also spread it on bread, pour it over veggies, and even use it in sandwiches. It's a sauce that makes basically all food taste even more delicious and is very popular in Mediterranean cooking.

I wanted to create a special recipe that mixes tasty Mediterranean and bold Southwest flavors to create something unique and delicious. Back in my kitchen, I began with an emulsified aioli base of egg yolks, garlic, and a dash of lime juice, promising a velvety texture with a garlicky kick. 

The stars of this culinary show are the Chopped Chile Co. Green Hatch Chiles, infusing the aioli with their smoky heat. A pinch of salt and pepper elevated the seasoning, while a brief chill in the fridge intensified the flavors.

The result: Green Chile Aioli, celebrating the Southwest's culinary heritage with versatility that enhances fries, burgers, and veggies. Each bite offers a taste of the Hatch Valley and the flavors of Albuquerque—a flavorful journey you won't forget. So, savor the Southwest with this Green Chile Aioli and explore more Hatch Green Chile recipes to bring the Southwest to your table too! 

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